Friday, November 25, 2011

A walk down memory lane

Somebody mentioned Orkut yesterday and I decided to go through my old profile that I hadn't seen in ages because who uses Orkut anymore? Anyway, I had a blast reading all the testimonials and I decided to blog them before some weird shit happens and I lose them forever. Here are the testimonials I wrote for my friends back in A levels. These people made the A level years memorable and these are the people that came and went from my life..although some of them have still managed to stick around for this long. Oh and I used everbody's latest pictures so everybody looks hot :p Haha. Also, this is in not in order of importance or anything. You all are unimportant equally.

I know I have missed a lot of people; some who deleted their Orkut profiles and some of who didn't exchange testimonials. They also made A levels special for me and they know who they are.

Zehra Ali Khan

Zara...argh!Zara's really dumb, stupid, annoying, incredibly clumsy (she almost always trips, falls or bumps into someone everyday), has no common sense whatsoever and tis perpetually confused about whether her parents named her 'Zara' or 'Zehra'. But she is so much fun to be with because half the time I'm laughing at something stupid she did that day! She's become one of my best friends. She has the best's so straight and I the world wonders how she manages to set it the way she does EVERYDAY! You're a freak Zara! Oh and today's her birth happy birth day...and please get a new haircut, get destiny's child's new album...arghhh get a life! But seriously, I am completely incomplete without Zara. Sometimes when I sit and think about the near future, I wonder how I'll survive after we part ways...Zara's taught me to be simple and open-minded, to always look on the bright side, to not get upset over trivial things and to shut up when it really matters.Thanks for putting up with me Zara. You'll always be one of those people I'll remember when I'm eighty.

Jovairia Awan

"Dupattey ka palu idehr ka udher hai" Jovaria's title at the farewell and she sure as hell lives up to it. JAA! I love this girl to bits. Jovairia and I won't see each other for days but when we do we'll talk as if there wasn't an interruption of the few seven-eight days. We don't need that whole social drama of calling each other up all the time or hugging each time we meet. We get along wonderfully despite that. I love her even more so 'cause she always has an ear for my theories no matter how disgusting (ahem ahem fart anyone?) JA's one of the coolest people I have had the fortune of meeting. She's downright attractive and she looks gorgeous in black! Damn, that sari! was hot! She's got this bold side to her. She'll be the only girl in Beacon with the her eyes lined with thick black eyeliner. She's got a creative mind. She's improved loads since I saw her Art stuff the last time. I'll remember you Jovairia. You are seriously one of those people who can do whatever they set their mind to. I'm not just saying it, I've seen you do it :)

Taimoor Leghari

He's a great guy - just don't get too close. Zehra, Taimoor, Ammar and I have done the stupidest things during our Economics and Business classes (remember the laetter, humari bechari shakeela aunty and the cousin meetings?) It was the only thing that kept us from falling asleep during those classes.

He has a unique sense of humor (read very very lame). He's one of those self obsessed so called 'rockers' who think every girl wants him - but Taimoor takes it to a whole new level - he thinks guys want him too. He has these weird mood swings: one second he'll be going 'daffa ho' and the next he'll be writing down lyrics of his favorite tunes. Tipu is a talented artist type banda. He might be an intimidating sight, with his wild hair to this aggressive air that one gets from him, but he isn't really. Some people from A levels will remember him as Taimoor the shoda, Taimoor the daku or Taimoor the marasi..I shall always remember him as Taimoor the friend. Honest. 

Zarak Khan

I have no idea what Zahra is talking about down below because Zarak is definately not adorable! Infact far from it. He's a pathan's pathan: short tempered and rude. In school, he wouldn't talk to me for weeks if I threw his bag (IF YOU COULD CALL THAT LUMP OF FILTH A BAG!) off the benches! Which only made me do it more often of course. He also broke my fifth pair of glasses and didn't talk to me for a week! I MEAN YOU BROKE MY GLASSES AND GOT MY BAG DIRTY TOO! If anyone should've gotten mad, it should have been me! Koi logic hi nahi hai!

If you ever walked into beacon, saw a guy in a fist fight, it probably would have been Zarak. If the guy later started singing "dil dey diya haaai jaan tujhey deeein geey" then its definately Zarak! If you're still not sure, if the guy goes "shap att!" then've had your first conversation with Zarak. Even with all this crazyness, its been fun. He can be funny and it's been a rememorable year, this one. Will miss you.

Zohair Iqbal

The testimonial that he wrote for me is very special to me and  is the only reason I did not delete my Orkut profile. We wrote these for each other on the 8th of October 2005 at around 2 am and that was the last thing I ever heard from him. At 9 am, Margalla Towers collapsed during the earthquake taking Zohair's life.

Zohair is a crazy man. And when you give Zoahir a guitar what you get is utter madness! It's a lot of fun trying to figure out how to play the stupidest pop songs on the guitar and then singing them on the top of our lungs so much so that everyone in school has started thinking that we're insane! I hate Zohair because he has the lifestyle that everyone parents around to nag him, his own car, etc! And he cannot help rubbing that in everyone's faces every opportunity he gets. I have yet to see him get upset or angry about something. He's always in a good mood; always smiling; along with his bald head shining in the sunlight...and that sort of rhymes! He makes his own food and does his own laundry. And yes Zohair, you do not know how to rinse your uniform very smells of detergent! Zohair, I have had the best time with you singing songs, making up our own stupid ones that we could only sing in a room full of deaf people, sharing ideas and just having fun. You're a special person.

Bissmah Mehmud

BISMILLAH-HIRAHMAN-NIRAHIM! Haha one can't help but introduce Bissmah like that..that or Maasi. You can take your pick. Bissmah drinks nine boxes of grape juice everyday. She follows 11th grade guys around in the scorching heat of the sun. She sits on the red benches for hours. She switches the fan off when she does her physics practicles.She has the best hairstyle...MUAHAHAHAH ok sorry, I shall not go into that story...although do ask her about it...very amusing...She's my biggest fan! She'll put a smile on a sad face cause she's so full of lame things to say that it gets funny after a while. Bissmah has been a synonym to the word 'Chuss' throughout our A levels and we thank you for that. 

Ahmed Durrani 

I don't write too well under pressure but I'm gonna try and write this anyway 'cause I'm too nice. (And beacuse Durrani held a gun againts my head) Everyone who doesn't know Durrani thinks of him to be this bad boy who thinks he's too cool for everyone else. In reality, he's the funniest when he warms up to you. He has the special ability to diss with a complete mortifying effect. You'd want the earth to just open up and swallow you. Trust me. It is that bad. Just don't diss him a lot or else you'll be left defenceless in the face of his razor sharp wits followed by cruel laughter.
I cherish the time we spent together. We managed to discuss more important issues like our current plans, hopes and future careers. Oh yes, he has a huge girl fan following in BMI-G.(Gun's still there.) He always looks trendy and in fashion.

Aneeqa Sarshar

Aneeqa's a brat! She's like one of your seven year old cousins who always mess up your room. She's so tiny, you don't see her coming. Aneeqa has enormous, magnified eyes, fly away, ginger hair and RED freckles.
A list of Aneeqa's favourites:
1.Her favorite topic of discussion is the'EYE' (yeah try reading between the lines all you want people, you'll never get what I mean).
2.Her favorite activity besides being A MAJOR PAIN IN MY ASS is taking people's shoes and throwing them in the middle of fields or dangling them on a pole (whatever more convenient).
3. Her favorite birthday present was the one I gave her of course.
Alright, the good stuff: She sings alright. She'll get better as she's picked up a few pointers from me. Erm,I dunno what all the fuss is about. I've known her for while She's alright.Naw, you rock midget! PS: stop terrorizing kids!

Zubaana Shafqaat

Zubana's the sweetest. She's a silent observer. She has the most grounded personality. She's friendly to the core and she has the most amazing shade of brown for her hair. She is the cutest and has the most adorable dressing sense.

If you want to be in on the latest gossip, run to Zubana. If you happen to be the one the gossip's about: RUN FAR AWAY FROM ZUBANA. Trust me, the world will know in about five seconds of your confession.

Zubana, I know you'll miss me the most when we leave Beacon ( you say it often enough :D) but I'm gonna miss you too. Where else am I gonna find someone who starts every sentence with "Did you know what happened..."

She's the babe of the present batch. You've been so much fun to hang out with. Your parties, the free lessons in school, to checking out potential in Beacon (conclusion: we're the only potential it has!). Haha. We've done it all. Will remember you when I'm in my fancy-ass uni and you're still stuck in Beacon! Haha. Luv ya.

 Daanish Qureshi

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? :D Right back at you Daanish! Thanks for ruining my yearbook! Daanish; our resident Joey. I'll send you a 'razayee' on your birthday :D (God, you did crack me up with that one! lol) I shall miss singing with you Danny boy. Humara duet cha gaya tha! Gonna miss you loads. You're one of the most original, problem free people I know.

And Daanish, STOP TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT FARTING! IT'S FREAKING THEM OUT. Not me though. We will write a book together about that. The masses need to be educated. And write a song about it too. "smelly fart smelly fart why do you smell the way you do?" Will miss you.

ps: hot cross buns! hahaha

pps: I still have to sign yours.

Yearbook! The yearbook, you pervs! What were you thinking!

Amna Waheed

Amna's down to earth most of the time but when it comes to a little embarassment, she can be downright violent. Amna, you do embarass easily. She can be uptight at times. But then again so are the best of us. One can be drawn to her kind-hearted eyes not knowing that they conceal a wicked sense of humour. And wicked she can be. But then her concious takes over and she's back to sensible Amna. She may seem reserved and quite but she is quite the opposite when she warms up to you and one should consider yourself lucky when you get there. If things don't turn out her way she cries at the top of her lungs (that was for everyone who thought she was mature!) Her inner beauty shines through like a beacon.
 Amna's an amazing friend (cliche coming up): she is friendly and full of life.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is a cup of bad coffee.

Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say that when I get to it, I'll really let them have it but when I actually get to it, I decide I really don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said fifty thousand times before. Will fifty thousand and one times really make a difference? Right, thought so.

As you go through life, you learn a lot of things - and unlearn a lot too. One of these is that silence is necessary - especially when you're being pressured to speak out for various reasons. One of the most common will be to get a reaction out of you. I, two years ago, would have probably done exactly that - react loudly. But, like I said, you grow up - sometimes in a couple of weeks. Or maybe it takes you as many as 730 days to wake up and smell the coffee. But after 730 days, you know for sure that it smells bad and that's not how you want it. At least you know that much beyond any doubt. Still, knowing something is bad for you provides little comfort doesn't it? What do you do next? You're used to the bad coffee for so long, draining it into the sink will require some strength - besides lots of other things.

The best you can do is drain it away and throw away anything associated with it. If it wanted revenge for being drained away, the way it made you feel would probably be revenge enough.The coffee will never know, but it has affected you in ways it can't even imagine.  How can it? It's not real. It doesn't feel. It doesn't have a heart. It's just lying there waiting to be used by someone else. And used it will be.

You will try to forget and one day, maybe you will forget. But you will never forgive the bad taste it left in your mouth.


The sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey. I feel right at home in this stunning monochrome, alone in my way. I smoke and I drink and every time I blink I have a tiny dream. But as bad as I am I'm proud of the fact that I'm worse than I seem. What kind of paradise am I looking for? I've got everything I want and still I want more. Maybe some tiny shiny thing will
wash up on the shore. You walk through my walls like a ghost on tv. You penetrate me and my little pink heart is on its little brown raft floating out to sea. And what can I say but I'm wired this way and you're wired to me, and what can I do but wallow in you unintentionally? What kind of paradise am I looking for? I've got everything I want and still I want more. Maybe some tiny shiny key will wash up on the shore. Regretfully, I guess I've got three simple things to say: Why me? Why this now? Why this way? Overtone's ringing, undertow's pulling away under a sky that is grey and sand that is grey by an ocean that's grey. What kind of paradise am I looking for? I've got everything I want and still I want more. Maybe some tiny shiny key will wash up on the shore.