Saturday, February 26, 2011


I met Imran Khan. I met Imran Khan! I MET IMRAN KHAN! IMMMRAAAN KHAAAN! Just had to get that out of my system (along with a whole lot of other shit [literally]) 'cause I kind of have an upset stomach. Hey, who doesn't love a bit of potty humor, right? Heee. Anyway, the man comes to talk to my university and I (of course) had to photograph him. Every female in the audience was swooning. I remember being totally star struck, staring and sighing, "He looks just as good in person as he looks on TV" 
And in response I hear, "Ahhh, yes" 
I turn around to see a thirty something marketing teacher. That freaked me out a little but what freaked me out even more was when she giggled like a teenage girl. It was one of the best days of my life; you know one of those days that when some dude asks you, "Hey what was the best day of your life?" and you say, "Uh, meeting Imran Khan, duh" Yeah, it was one of those. 

Moving on from cricket to more cricket of course! How about today's match?! SOME WORLD CUP FAVORITES! Hah! I, personally, love the Sri Lankan team. They're really humble and down to earth and their captain has a really smart head on his shoulders. But I love the Pakistani team more; they're dramatic, unpredictable and their captain has a hot head of hair on his shoulders :D Lol, 'kay he's better than that. Shahid Afridi may be walking onto the pitch during innings just to warm the bat but the man in on a roll when it comes to bowling! And Akhtar bowling in the Lankan player so beautifully was just a treat to watch; that's one piece of bowling I'd like to watch again and again. The best thing about Pakistan is that they come back stronger just when everyone's written them off. Oh, and can I just say after the Akhtar clean bowl, my second fav moment of this match was Wasim Akram and Ramiz Raja together in the commentary box.  I love them both [specially Ramiz as a commentator]
This was a close match though but surely the team's feeling confident to face the other big side like Australia on the 19th. We'll be okay with 'Zealand, hopefully. And hey, has anyone else noticed that anything bowled down the leg side these days is given as a wide?! Even if it's not really wide. What's up with that? Huge match tomorrow too: Let's all hope for an English win! :D We wanna shake India up a bit!

My friends and I had to attend the wedding of two our friends. Isn't that sweet? They'd been together for several years and despite the efforts of certain other friends of the couple, who tried their hardest to make sure they never had to see this day, they wed! :D Haaah. We left for the wedding just before Pakistan won..I did a little dance to the Geo to aise song in my four inch heel and needless to say, broke it. We did our make up in her living room, in front of the television and it was hilarious. Anyway, the food was good and Mr. Lab Partner and Mrs Lab Partner looked good. 

Me: "Lab Partner! MUBARAK HO..."
starts to say thanks
Lab Partner: "Get her out of here"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The upside to an Indian win against Bangladesh

I’ve been wanting to write for a few days now but my behind has been glued so tightly to the couch in my living room cause of the World Cup; I even worked out to Dil Dil Pakistan and Jazba Junoon during gym and finally, it kicks off!
Well it really sucked being a Bangladeshi during the Indian innings. The Deshis (is that what they’re called?) put up a real fight during their innings, however. Didn’t expect them to play aggressively; just expected to see them crumble under the pressure because the total on the Indian board was as massive as Shoaib Akhtar.  We all would’ve wanted a Bangladesh win but there is an upside to an Indian win. Let me elaborate with reason and explanation:

1) The 1971 factor – So I’m watching the match sympathizing with the poor Deshi bowlers’ massacre by Sehvag and Kohli and my friend points out rather matter-of-factly: “Dude, 1971. Just saying” So you know, if you really think about it, they brought it upon themselves by splitting with us :p

2) INDIAN HEADS THE SIZE OF RUSSIA – lead to overconfidence! Overconfidence leads to mistakes. And they’re already there, by the way, just have a listen to what Sehvag had to say after the match: "... I have said this is a revenge game and we have won .... Bangladesh are not good in Tests, but they can compete in ODIs, but today they could not .... Well, the team - everyone did well, other than Sreesanth ..."  Okay, I definitely enjoyed the Sreesanth bashing – by both Sehvag and the commentator during the match who said, “What a nightmare for Sreesanth – he looks to the heaven for help, but it won’t come from there” HAHA.

3) Intense pressure – to deliver. And we have known the Indian side to have stage fright – just like this time, they have often been known as the World Cup favs but haven’t won in recent times. This time the pressure is super intense specially the matches in their own home ground.

So here’s to Sreesanth bowling 20 overs if we ever have to face them! :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You know you're an old goat when you start your sentences like, "Remember ten years ago when.."

...we used to dance to the Spice Girls?" Mish and Hina! I never thought I'd meet these freaks after ten years! the last time we met, we were probably in the 6th grade; pudgy (at least, I was. Mish lost all that baby fat back in 5th grade) plus facial hair and all.
Lunch was a memorable affair; it was as if a break for as long as ten years had never occurred. Who knew a couple of skinny girls I knew from a hundred years ago would have this effect on me that I even forget about Mitch J's match?! Maybe, I'm going soft. It must be the sticky-velvety-red crap all over the TV-gimmick. Even Hina pointing to the screen letting me know a match was on couldn't distract me from this meet up.

Ten minutes after we meet:
Mish: *frowning heavily*
Me: What's wrong?
Mish: I'm not sure what I should order...
Me: You meet me after ten years and you're worried about what food you're going to eat!?

Me to Hina: I love your eyebrows...especially this one!

We laughed so hard and talked to loudly that I really think Arizona isn't ever going to let me or any of my friends in ever (they've told me to quiet down on a different, earlier occasion with a different bunch of friends) Everyone should do this after ten years with their old, best friends.

Anyway, also just watched Imran Khan's final analysis on the Pakistan team. The man really knows what he's talking about. What I fail to understand is why someone of his experience, insight and talent is not being used by the PCB to help put together a better team?! We really know how to waste the resources available to us. The WC should start already; my tummy hurts, I can't wait anymore! I don't even see the team jerseys being sold yet..where's the jazbah, Pakistan?! (although I also fancy a yellow Mitch J jersey too :D)

Jab tak rahe ga samose mein aloo...

Okay, so I just had two aloo ke samosey. So what? It's food; it's meant to be eaten. Why would God invent it if wasn't meant to be eaten? THERE IS A REASON FOR THE CREATION OF THE SAMOSA.

A samosa is a good thing on so many levels - not only is it good food but it can also teach young kids a thing or two about...Mathematics. A perfectly symmetrical samosa can be seen as an equilateral triangle and because people of all ages can relate well to a samosa, kids will grasp the concept sooner. For those non symmetrical samosas, we can inform kids of the irregular triangle. The samosa is an informative tool!

It can also help when trying to describe aptly. Usually I'd like to say, "Yeah Maham doesn't really look like me..she's a samosa face"
A samosa face is a face rather angular nose down; kind of like an upside down samosa. So, my sister, she's a proper samosa face.

If there was no samosa in the world, we wouldn't have had our award winning Mathematicians or fabulous story tellers. So a samosa is good, it's rewarding and it should be eaten without any guilt! Oh who am I kidding?! Will have to put in extra hours at the gym this week!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

WC fever!

World Cup! Almost a week to go. Forget a Pakistan win, just the one in fourteen chance; just the thought of so much cricket on TV is like a an everyday free access to hotspot's mint ice cream sundae! It's been only a couple of weeks since Pak-New Zealand tour and I realize I really miss Kamram Akmal's annoyingly, high pitched words of encouragement and lack of keeping. Also, Shahid Afridi's single big shot that almost always costs him his wicket and Razzaq, looking like an old, blind turtle, running and celebrating when he takes a wicket. I really can't wait for the WC to start! Let's just hope Pakistan wins most of the tosses and gets to bowl first and bat second as the dew factor, as Imran Khan has pointed out, will help the team that bats second. Dew will make it hell for the second team to bowl as the ball will expand slightly and become useless in terms of spinning (which, by the way, could really hurt Pakistan because Ajmal, Hafeez and Afridi won't be able to do what they do best.)
This is so depressing. How can one talk of Pakistan bowlers and not think of Mohd. Amer? You really can't pin point one obvious reason for losing a match, a series or even the cup but if Pakistan does not get wickets earlier in matches or are unable to make breakthroughs when required, then one can safely say that having Mohd Amer in the squad would have made all the difference. The guy could even bat under pressure! I still remember the Amer-Ajmal innings where they almost took their side home. I really think having Amer would've made a whole lot of difference between winning and losing. 

Anyway, I'm still optimistic. And yes, even you; the disgruntled Pakistan-has-broken-my-heart-so-many-times-I'm-never-watching-them-play-again Pakistani have that tiny hope somewhere deep down. Even you will be following it secretly even though you'll be saying, "Dekhna, Australia se to zaroor harein gey" after every win. But win or lose, let's just give Pakistan a chance and enjoy this amazing event as much as we can!