Thursday, March 31, 2011

Already, Pakistan?

Writing this down is probably the hardest thing in the world. Maybe a week or two weeks from now, it wouldn't have been this hard but I feel like this needs to be done now. Just a day ago, we were all so happy to see that Shahid Afridi cut out on main Shara-e-faisal but last night, after the biggest semi final any sports event has seen in recent times, its legs were cut off and later this afternoon, it disappreared altoghether. Now, I would like to believe here that this is not the attitude and thoughts of most Pakistanis; this absolutely must not be our take on what happened. 

Words cannot describe what the last month has been for me. I have felt so much in these 30 days. If something made me unhappy or upset or when I felt like there was absolutely no hope in anything else, I would think, "Yaar, cricket to hai na!" I knew I could switch on the tv at 2pm and watch cricket and forget about everything else. 

On a bigger level, have we ever seen our nation united about anything else like this before? Have you forgotten already how much we've enjoyed this tournament and how many memories the cricket team has created for us? The face paints, the sea of green on the streets, the jerseys, the naarey baazi, the patriotic quotes and facebook status updates, the match screenings,  the bhangra at every wicket taken by the Pakistani team, the green nail polish, the patriotic songs all of us hadn't transferred to our ipods and cell phones in a long time, the heavy discussions, predictions, opinions, the healthy competitve jokes with our Indian friends? I have enjoyed every bit of it. And for this, we have to thank the eleven men who made it happen. Let's face it, without cricket and the way the team performed, we wouldn't have had as much fun as we did during this time. They got this far when no one expected them to and for this, I still support Team Pakistan and Pakistan cricket. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voodoo child

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes, you feel like there's bird poo all over you and any where you look, more bird poo is is thrown over your head. And this is no ordinary bird poo either; it's like the pigeon poo in texture but it's much bigger in size. The size of, say, a monkey's fist. So it's kind of like a paste of pigeon poo thrown at you like snowballs. And it keeps on coming. It's like you're walking in Trafalgar Square and it's raining poop! So anyway, while you're bathing in yellow, life shows you something else. You see a pathway. This pathway is green with grass that's fresh and it smells like an old friend. It's also comfortable and you enjoy walking on know sometimes when you sit in your lawn or in a park, you feel comfortable and glad that you did sit in your lawn, rather than the couch in front of a TV, after four years or so. So you get the feeling I'm talking about. So you walk very slowly, savoring the feeling of the freshly manicured and familiar blades of grass; it's that feeling of walking down memory lane: bittersweet. You may even smile and cherish the moment - for you know, it won't last forever. But it's nice to know that that grassy pathway will be around when you need it. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Save the drama fo yo mama, Swann

I love a match with drama (which is also a big reason why I love watching Pakistan play) and today’s match was big on just that, especially from the English side. So Bang win the toss and put Eng to bat first..testy decision I think since chasing has always been difficult for any team no matter how big. Anyway, Bang get a few early wickets and restrict Eng to just 225 runs.

Now comes the fun part: Bangladesh innings! The dew factor that Imran Khan’s been harping about on every ‘super eye analyses’ comes into play here – and how!  No matter what the English tried, the ball would just come nicely onto the bat and they hit a few good boundaries in the early overs. So they change the ball and immediately after put Swann into attack. This is where the fun starts. Swann, no matter how much he rubbed the ball on his clothes or how often he had to dry his hands in the sand, he just couldn’t do what he wanted to ball to do. And it was frustrating him to no end and this much was so apparent. After every ball bowled, the ball would get wet and Swann would come up, dry his hands in the sand, whine and complain and still, the batsmen would hit him nicely – often for a boundary. Swann’s drama did not end there – after just 4 overs being bowled after the ball change, he requested (to put it mildly) for another ball change! When the umpire did not agree (obviously!) he got royally pissed off..he went back to bowl, decided against it and went to convince the umpire again for a ball change. Haha. It was just so funny to watch! The English may think it unfair since the ball kept getting wet and there was nothing their only spinner could do about it, but that’s the game. You have to make use of the situation you are in. Strauss later had a word with Swann and he apologized to Darell Harper because after his over, when he went to collect his cap, he snatched it out of the umpire’s hand.

Despite their awesome start, the Bangladeshi’s lost a few wickets one after the other. Shahzad bowled in beautifully and he’s not so bad to look at, I’ve realized. Also, I especially enjoyed the Anderson over (for obvious reasons) but didn’t see much of Collingwood. Towards the end, this match got so tight that I had to run over to my cousin’s place to watch the last few overs (thanks to KESC and load shedding! What is up with that?! Can they at least not do that during Pakistan matches?!) More than anything I wanted Bangladesh to win this match and see the look on Swann’s face haha. And what a victory for the Bangladeshis! They were rejoicing as if they’d won the ‘Cup! Poor things, after their terrible defeat against the West Indies (58 all out), the feeling of winning would be nothing less of winning the World Cup, I suppose.

Also, what is up with the Bangladesh uniform? It's shaded darker around the butt and during the start of the 'Cup, I honestly thought the Bangladeshi batsman was sweating a lot and that it was perspiration! After I pointed it out to a friend and she agreed, I knew it wasn't just me. It really does look like that the lot of them have got sweaty bums. Eeee! Send to re-design!

I was thinking the other day of what will happen when the World Cup will end. It ends on the 2nd of ApriI and I don’t even want to think about it. Yes, my happiness depends on this World Cup and if Pakistan win – I think I won’t be sad ever again – at least for 5 years or something. Let’s not think about that dreadful day; we still have a month to go! Also, I need to stop skipping the gym! Ugh, I feel really fat, lazy and useless when I skip the gym. So, hopefully no more skipping! 

Big match tomorrow. Graeme Smith needs to take this one home please! After Pakistan’s defeat against the Kiwis and Kamran Akmal’s doings, I have had enough of my Indian friends giving me a hard time! So I hope Sehwag breaks a leg and Harbajjan swallows a toad or something ‘cause South Africa REALLY need to win this one PALEASEEE.

Do you see the resemblance?! I realized that just today! Uncanny! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last one for the night. I swear.

Stuart Broad and my own Mitch J face off

History will NOT repeat itself for Ajju!

It's official. Hussey's been called back to play and replace Bollinger. Just bloody brilliant! We face off against the Aussies on the 19th and guess who's also back into our bowling attack? Ajju. Now, this is no Ajju bashing okay. No matter what happened in the last t20 semi final, I still love Ajju! He's been extremely brilliant..except for that fateful day and he stops the runs and is a wicket taker. What worries me a little is the fact that he's been on the bench for a while now until recently..but no matter! This is our chance to get revenge on the Aussies for last year's semi!

Also Ajju's such a cute teddy bear! He's always so relaxed and cool on the field; I love Ajju and I have faith in him.

Afridi, Afridi, he's our man! If he can't do it, Ajju can!

Does this look like a face of a guy that can harm Pakistan?


I have been stalking the living pants off Mitch J and I can't stop! The man is so beautiful; that perfect jaw line, the adorable smile and that dimple! Don't even get me started on the body! Aaaa. Must. Stop. Must. Kill. Mitch's. Girlfriend. Must. Stab. Her. Into. A. Million. Tiny. Pieces. With. A. Fork. AAAAAAA!

Okay, ooh check out something else I made. I am on a roll here..or maybe this is just confirming in public of the fact that I AM A LOSER WITH NO LIFE AND I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FISH THANK YOU VERY MUCH (Maham, I hope you are reading this)

I've had two dreams about him already..and they were absolutely wonderful. So wonderful in fact that I had to pick up the phone and call up my best friend in Islamabad to tell her all about it. I'm not typically girly but Mitch J looking extremely hot in one's dream does that to one! It was dreammmy. Great. I can't sleep now.

Wake up, cricket, gym, sleep. Repeat.

I'm losing m voice completely - thanks to the horrible cough and flu and of course, the World Cup. Been wanting to post since the past three matches but haven't had the time! My schedule's been something like this: Wake up, watch match, gym, sleep. Repeat. But can I just sum up these past few matches as WHAT?!
Who the hell is Kevin O Brian?! All that comes to my mind is maybe some distant relative of some comedian on TV? But no, this guy just appears out of no where from a country that's famous for - wait - what are the Irish famous for in relation to cricket? Nothing or no one I can recall (I'm conveniently choosing to ignore our loss to this nobody of a team in the previous World Cup ['cause I can! It's my blog so boo you!]) That's right. Ireland gave us The Corrs but no significant contribution to cricket. And yet, this guy makes the fastest century in World Cup history. WHAT?! The dude had pink hair and no eyelashes for crying out loud.

I, like the rest of the cricket fans (all except the English of course) enjoyed every moment of this match. The winning moment was one of those memorable ones that you have to watch live - Irish fans shed tears and I couldn't help but be slightly teary eyed myself. Everybody in this part of the world celebrated with the platinum blonde boys of Ireland.

Canada had Pakistan sweating a bit too. Our total was not as high as it should've been..should've been 300 at least. Anyway, thanks to the bowling genius of Shahid Afridi, our butts were saved. He looked incredibly hot while bowling..actually thinking about him makes me laugh; the man is a drama queen! His victory stance was so intense; his eyes were bulging out of his sockets and it was like he was communicating with God. Haha. In the end, Pakistan took this one home and sent Canada back home.
Cricket is such an amazing thing. The same supporters who were egging England on the India-England match were chanting 'GO IRELAND' during the Ire-Eng match. We'll support anyone as long as it means slimmer chances for our competition. Plus, who doesn't love your regular World Cup upset? 

So India vs. England. Big teams and a big match. India, as expected, batted into the 300's. After the Indian innings, I thought it may be close but India will take this one home. Also, I noticed Broad return to bowl (If I'm correct he sat the previous matches out...he sat the Ireland match out too and I wondered why since he's one of the only pacers Eng has) 
Also, I think Collingwood needs to be added to the Top 10 Hottest Cricketers of today post. He looks like Arthur Weasley but read: a hotter Arthur Weasley.

This was a nail biting match and to every Pakistani's delight, England ruined the Indian Army's party from under their very noses! So, they didn't win. Big deal but they drew which is a big deal too since India had again made a total as huge as Shoaib Akhtar's behind. 

Here, I would like to quote the best joke I have heard in a long time: "Hum to 184 runs bana ke bhi jeet gaye, Faraz. Koi beghairat aise bhi hai jo 338 ker ke bhi nai jeetey" 

I was looking forward to yesterdays match between Aus and Lanka. Sadly, play was abandoned due to rain but Aus was already slaying Lanka from what one could see. I was so looking forward to seeing more of Mitch J..he only bowled a couple of overs. And why have all the men chopped off their locks?! Excuse me, but it can't be THAT hot! I liked him so much better with his slightly spikier hair. Thankfully, Watson still has his hair and he looked super hot (how broad is his chest?!)
Let's pray that we crush the Kiwis tomorrow! We've already won the last series against the Kiwis and they're sort of on a losing streak anyway. Really want to see Afridi make that sour looking Vettori even more sour :D Ooh and must not forget to mention a World Cup first: Chicken dance by Irish bowler after taking Sehwag's wicket! All I have to say: My sentiments exactly. Good night.

Just something I made :D We heart Younis